Chris Grindy,  EA – President

Chris Grindy is an officer of Grindy Tax Service, Inc. established in San Jose in 1941.

He became an enrolled agent in 2012 and is the Mission EA of the Year for 2014-2015.  Membership: NAEA, CSEA, and MSEA.

Chris began as a VITA volunteer in 2005 prior to retiring from the US Navy and progressed through CTEC to becoming an EA.

Chris is currently serving as the Technologies Committee Chair, and backup Webmaster.


Susan Amaral, EA – President Elect

Susan has been preparing her own taxes since she was 15 years young, after obtaining her very first paying job!

She often helped friends and family with tax prep over the years. She has earned an Associates Degree in Liberal Studies, with a background in administrative marketing and small business management.  She has been preparing tax returns professionally since 2004, after accepting employment with H&R Block.  She quickly advanced within this franchise as Tax Instructor, Office Manager, and Marketing Director for 3 adjoining districts.

Susan advanced her worth by earning the Enrolled Agent designation with the IRS in 2011.  Susan now operates her own company, Amaral Tax Group, LLC with two other business partners.

Susan and her husband, Michael, have raised 3 sons and two dogs to date. They are a family of mountain bikers; their cycling research and engineering has resulted in product development and enjoyable mountain bike rides!

She also enjoys hiking in the redwood forests whenever possible.


Jim Jenks, EA – Vice President


Jim is the owner of J & M Tax Service in the Willow Glen area of San Jose.

Jim began his career as a tax preparer in 1983, coming from a family of tax preparers. Both of Jim’s older brothers started preparing taxes in the 1960’s. His oldest brother, Norman, is also an Enrolled Agent. Both his parents were tax preparers as well as three of his four sisters. In 2005, Jim took over the majority of his brother Ken’s practice when he retired, expanding his practice from part-time to year-round.

Jim joined MSEA in 2007 as a Professional Associate and then became an Enrolled Agent in 2012.

Jim continues to be an active member of Mission Society of Enrolled Agents and California Society of Enrolled Agents and is currently also serving as the Education Chair for MSEA.


 Varish Modi, EA – Immediate Past President

Varish Modi is the owner of a Tax Practice and a Business in Sunnyvale, CA.

He became an enrolled agent in 2010 and was named the Rookie of the Year that same year. Varish is an Enrolled Agent, a CPA, and a Chartered Accountant from India.

Varish designed and developed his own first Financial Accounting System in 1985 which is in use and still works like a charm today.

He has served as the Education Committee Chair, and as a Director.  Memberships: NAEA, CSEA, MSEA, NATP, ICAI, NNA, and CalCPA.

Carol Guarino, EA – Treasurer



Elizabeth “Liz” DiTullio, EA – Secretary

Dr. Colin J. Ford, EA – Director (2nd Year of 2 Year Term)

Colin received his EA certification in 1982 and has a small solo practice in the Evergreen area of San Jose.

He also has a real estate license and in addition is currently Sr. Pastor at Alum Rock Christian Church in San Jose

Sean Park, EA – Director (2nd Year of 2 Year Term)

Sean is the owner of Microffice Tax Service in the Almaden area of San Jose and is an Enrolled Agent, MBA, Notary, Real Estate Broker and Fellow of NTPI.

He has practiced many cases of Audit, Collections, OIC and return preparation before the IRS, EDD, FTB and BOE. Earned MBA from San Jose State University and Korea University.

Sean worked for Quantum Corp many years and some high tech company in information technology consulting and developed POS for small business such as restaurant and cleaners.

He has served as the Chair of Korean American Chamber of Commerce Contra Costa County. Memberships: NAEA, CSEA, MSEA, NTPI, SCCAOR, NNA.

Andrea Ruiz, EA

Andrea Ruiz, EA (1st Year of 2 Year Term)


Bobby Rahim, EA (1st Year of 2 Year Term)


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